Pregnancy Classes


All first-time expectant mothers and their partner are encouraged to attend one of our Epidural/Childbirth combination classes.  In this class, we discuss the risks and benefits of epidural anesthesia for labor, as well as what to expect during the labor, delivery, and postpartum period.  This is a great way to help ease anxiety about your upcoming birth.


Classes are presented twice a month in the evening and are held in Training and Education at South Georgia Medical Center.   You can schedule the labor epidural education class at South GA Medical Center by going to the website.

Remember, if you have not attended the education class before going into labor, you will NOT be given a labor epidural.

Once you have completed your anesthetic evaluation, financial arrangements can be made. No patient will be denied an epidural due to inability to pay for the service.


Choosing to breastfeed is a personal choice and deserves careful consideration.  Both breast milk and infant formula are healthy and responsible ways to feed your baby, and each has advantages and disadvantages.  Only you can decide which is right for your and your family.

Our practice has a Certified Lactation Counselor on staff to help offer education and insight into breastfeeding.  In this class, we discuss benefits of breastfeeding, latch and positioning, pumping, and returning to work.

All classes are offered each month.  You can schedule your spot by calling Nicole Presley, RN, CLC at 229-241-2800 Ext. 224 or emailing

Classes are free of charge to all Southern OB-GYN patients. Classes are open to the public with a $25 per class fee.

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