Our Hospital

Our physicians deliver at South Georgia Medical Center in Valdosta. You are encouraged to pre-register with the hospital approximately one month prior to your expected delivery date. You can contact their front desk at (229) 433-1000 for more information.


If an emergency develops during business hours, please call our office immediately to advise our nurse of the problem. You will be given instructions as to the appropriate course of action. If the emergency occurs after hours, please call the hospital main line at (229) 433-1000, and the physician or midwife on call will be notified immediately.

Going Into Labor

When you start having contractions or if your membranes rupture (“water breaks”), call (229) 241-2800 or come to our office immediately. If the office is closed, go directly to the Labor and Delivery Unit at South Georgia Medical Center. You do not need to call them first. The OB nurse will examine you and notify our on-call physician or midwife of your arrival and progress in labor. Be sure to tell the nurse of any special problems or circumstances related to your pregnancy.


You need to choose a pediatrician to care for your baby after his/her birth. Most pediatricians encourage and support parents-to-be in consultative appointments prior to the baby’s arrival. After selection of your pediatrician, please notify our office during one of your regular prenatal visits.

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